Reprieved! A cushion for Scratch!

One of the most useful lessons I gleaned from the tailoring classes I went to for a couple of years (I’d recommend evening classes or workshops for anyone trying to pick up any skills, there’s nothing like hints and tips from experienced folk for improving the quality of your work), is that fabric is very strong and can take a fair bit of unpicking!

Before you abandon anything that seems to have gone wrong, it’s always worth trying to save it!

Carefully unpick seams and iron them to remove the needle holes, take a deep breath and start again!

This is a lovely, rusty taffeta. The picture makes it look more pinky than it is. I had bought it to make a jacket when rust was last in fashion! Might have to do that now it’s time has come again!

This cushion is for SCRATCH in Southampton, who work to help folk who find themselves in dire straits with all sorts of essentials, food, furniture – all sorts of things, including Christmas presents for children who would have nothing without some support.


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