Time for some crazy patchwork!

I realise that, quite a few cushions in, I’ve got some glorious, toning scraps and have been plotting a racy patchwork cushion! It’s crazy because, unlike normal patchwork, it’s random shapes and sizes. It lacks the beautiful precision of traditional patchwork, but you can create some wonderful effects.



Select your fabrics carefully, put your first scrap, raw edges and all on your backing fabric.


You sew the second piece to the first, back of the new piece to the top of the first, creating a seam at one of the edges.



Flip the second piece of fabric so it's right side up, finger press it and sew a line of top stitching down the seam.


Carry on building the fabrics up by sewing, flipping and top stitching. I had intended to add lots of fancy machine embroidery to the seams, but the fabrics are so rich that I think it would spoil it

For some inspirational ideas for crazy patchwork search for “crazy patchwork” images.

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