Crisis make over needed! Not for cushions, for me!

I dashed over to the Isle of Wight on Wednesday with six cushions. Having been drenched strutting up and down Winchester High Street, frantically finishing off a cushion which left no time to change or redo make up which had been done at 5.00am, I caught the 3.00 pm ferry with son, Adam, who had offered to help.

Wonderful moments at Carisbrooke Priory meeting all the great folk who are really making a difference one island, but when I saw the pictures I thought who IS that tall, old, scruffy, overweight creature on the end. Oh goodness, it was me!

Time to change Jude!

By Friday, new hairstyle (shorter, deliberately messy, getting used to it), threaded eyebrows ( ooer, bit savage!) and I went for one of those ” perfect foundation” moments advertised on telly. That WAS good! I’ve hopped about to Strictly dancercise and started thinking about what I’m wearing again ( funny how it stops seeming important).

I promise to put the pictures up, wasn’t going to, but they are an important cushion making moment!

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