Rescued! An owl for Froglife!

I have to be honest, I found it tricky working out what to make for Froglife! They could have a “proper”, sensible frog, but would you want it on your settee? Or a disrespectful, crazy one, but that didn’t seem right, so an owl it is!

I bought this amazing pattern last year from to make a fabulous blue velvet quilt.

I made the smallest size owl (the largest takes 9 hours to sew out!), on a russet moleskin like fabric. Disaster! The dense stitches made the fabric crunckle up! After sleeping on it I thought I’d try cutting it out and using it as an appliqué. I know, my attempts at that so far had been a disaster! I bought some spray on fabric glue so the beastie wouldn’t move on the velvet, bought some very fine, sharp scissors, used a straight rather than a zigzag stitch and kept my fingers crossed! It worked!


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