Several cushions being raffled this weekend and other tickets available now!

I’m opening the Fawley Village Fete this Saturday, 6th July and of course I’m taking a cushion.

Sunday, 7th July the Highcliffe Fete has a cushion on the RAF Association stand (I thought the RNLI were there too, but that ones on the 27th!)

Both the Highcliffe and Fawley events start at 11.00am

Another cushion will be in a private raffle for PICKs disease.

Tickets for the cushion for Feline Rescue on the Isle of Wight are on sale until 12th July, at Pet Doctors in Newport, Ryde and Lake (the cushion is at Newport), and then on 13th July at the Summer Fair in East Cowes at Holy Cross School, Millfield Avenue (between 10.00am and 13.30).

Tickets for the Froglife cushion are on line until 26th July on the Froglife website or at Froglife Events.

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