Festive cushion delivery this week!


I’ve gone a bit overboard with this design, I think it’s so beautiful. I bought it from the Secrets of Embroidery website some time ago. It’s one of the “Kreations by Kara”. It struck me today she probably has her own website, and she does. It’s worth a peek, she has some wonderful designs, and not just for Christmas!

The velvet is from a skirt that must be 36 years old! Hoarder? Me?! I managed to cut eight cushions out. One went wonky because I didn’t stabilise it enough, one I had tried a different design on. Reindeers. It’s lovely, but a smaller design so I put a stylised dove in two corners. One is, um, the wrong way round! If you see reindeers and crazy patchwork soon, you’ll know why!

I’ve made a few this weekend, so one is off to the Solent MS Therapy Centre in Portsmouth. They’ve been selling tickets for a while and have their grand draw on 19th December.

The Old Parsonage in Otterbourne have their Christmas Fair on Saturday. They’re not expecting it, but I shall pop one in tomorrow. They were so wonderful to my Dad. He spent the last two weeks of his life there in September and I shall always be grateful to them.

St Peters Church in Bournemouth also have their Frost Fair next weekend.

Elizabeth House in Portsmouth who do the most extraordinary work with little ones with severe hearing problems are due a cushion, if they would like a bauble, one is on it’s way!

Oh, and the Scouts should be having an event at the weekend, too. Wonder if they’d like a bauble! Off to check!