Last chance for a cushion!

My “60 Cushion Challenge” year ends on Friday, 4th April. I’ve made 80 cushions, have requests for three more. Of the 80 cushions delivered, I know of 58 auctioned and raffled. They’ve added approximately £6,480.50p, to the coffers of local charities, which is an average of £111. My spreadsheet tells me those delivered and requested have a potential to make £9,256!

I am in awe of those of you who work tirelessly for the charities that you support, and one of my joys this last year has been meeting so many of you.

To try and make sure the amount tops £10,000, I’ll take orders for cushions until midnight on Monday, 7th April. Fingers crossed they won’t all be needed for the same date! If you ask for one, all I ask us you make as much as you possibly can!

Amazingly, cushions have been auctioned for between £45 and £500! Raffles vary from £10 to over £400!

Fingers crossed! Go apply for one for your charity in Dorset, Hampshire or the Isle of Wight.