The final cushion has been requested!

Cushion 91!

Requested by the Southampton and New Forest MG Owners Club who gave a New Forest run and fund raising event in June, the funds are split between the Society of St James, who care for the homeless and those suffering from alcohol and drug dependency (I’m so pleased to be supporting them, there are too many folk struggling like this) and Brendoncare (they looked after my Dad for the last two weeks of his life last year and of course they’ve had a cushion already, but I owe them so much, they were truly fabulous in his care).

The last few cushions requested are for the Stubbinton Ark (animal rescue), Many Tears, who rescue dogs (they’re based in Wales but find homes throughout the country), Wessex Heartbeat,
Cancer a Research Uk, Childsplay Romania, All Saints Gurnard and Bournemouth Mission for Seafarers.

I’m off to do some sewing!