Equilibrium restored!

Realised, thanks to all your generous comments and support, that by 6.00am this morning I had expected to have the house clean, tidy and clear of forty years of, um, stuff (polite phrase!), exercised and lost a stone, tamed my lockdown hair into some sort of style and be sitting relaxing in the perfect lounge wear I’m planning on making! Went back to bed…had a snooze….have started again!

As the sort of person that rushes into the future without a thought, having to redefine it felt unexpectedly hard- even though redundancy was my choice, unlike the situation for far too many people at the moment. When I was unexpectedly made redundant from a job I adored many, many years ago, it did feel like a bereavement, but making the choice myself would, I thought, redefine things. Silly old bat!

Oh well, Christmas sherry beckons and then maybe some sewing…..then a bubble lunch….it’s going to be a good one!