20 year old sofa cover to um, slightly wonky bag!

For almost two years, the covers from our twenty year old suite have been taunting me! Too much fabric to throw away – but what the heck to do with it!

Experiment number one, a tote bag!

Step one, covers:

Step two, select an embroidery design for the front. Had a lazy moment, could have created something, but cheated – Urban Threads designs rock!

Step three, get the scissors (and lining, interlining and stabiliser) out:

Step four, get sewing:

Step five, decide it’s definitely a prototype:

Too long, a bit wonky, probably a 7/10!

7 comments on “20 year old sofa cover to um, slightly wonky bag!

  1. Rob says:

    Judy, that looks great !

  2. bitternegirl says:

    That is fabulous.

  3. Jennifer Marsh says:

    Hi Judy, very nice bag. Can I make a suggestion? I don’t know what you have done at the bottom corners but I think they might be slightly wrong. The fold at the bottom corners is supposed to add width to the bag but it will also reduce the length, it looks like you have just sowed across the corners giving it a different shape but not giving it any width.
    Also if you put a different colour top border on the pocket and the top of the bag it will break up the colour a bit.
    Just a suggestion, your embroidery is beautiful.

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