You know the dream when George Clooney’s going to Zoom call you for a chat about Richard Chamberlain ……

…but your indoor rabbit has chewed through the broadband cable so you miss the call?

Wow it got my heart rate up…..all the lockdown hair styling and makeup putting on….dragging the computer from the utility room to a spot with a background that didn’t show the boiler but a plain wall….waiting in excited (and nervous) anticipation….watching the time tick to and then past the meeting time…..the disappointment, confusion, and search for the culprit! Who, of course, was our indoor rabbit.

It’s YEARS since little grey rabbit was with us and lived indoors, but I was thinking about Richard Chamberlain yesterday and having a call with my son to sort out lighting to make videos later today. No idea why George was involved…..

Well, it brightened up a lockdown sleep. Oddly it isn’t mentioned in the Dream Dictionary.

Are odd dreams just for lockdown? Let me know yours…as long as it isn’t x-rated…I suspect The Great and Bridgeton are giving folk unexpected palpitations, too!

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7 comments on “You know the dream when George Clooney’s going to Zoom call you for a chat about Richard Chamberlain ……

  1. David Adcock says:

    We all need to dream.

  2. The wisp of a dream that I had last night was the commentary of a cricket match that I was watching on TV. I have no idea who the teams were representing. Nor do I know the commentators. But it made me chuckle as I awoke.

    It went like this.

    Ball clatters into stumps which go cartwheeling out of the ground.

    Commentator 1 (English accent): This is disastrous! From 56 for 2 to 57 for seven.
    Commentator 2 (West Indian accent): It’s only disastrous if you are the batting side. For the fielding side it is golden.
    C1: Well, on thing’s for certain: the match is all but over.
    C2: I disagree. We’ve both witnessed strange happenings. If it is possible for one bowling attack to get five wickets for just one run, it could happen for the other side too.
    C2: Yes. It’s a funny old game!

    I awoke in a sea of mirth.

  3. Rob says:

    What had hubby Peter done ? Frustration shown at its best, so near, but so far !
    Dreams are amazing insights into the subconscious mind.
    Never stop dreaming Judy, it’s a wonderful, beautiful, occasionally terrifying place to be; but then
    you wake, hopefully, in a cosy and warm place.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Ali Leslie says:

    I’m having a lot of anxiety dreams at the moment, probably brought on by work & an impending house move. Mine usually feature packing, unpacking or trying to get somewhere and of course, there’s always too much stuff or never enough time. I think even I can interpret these…! 🙂

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