A month into retirement and sod the slippers…I’ve got a selfie light!


Have been putting some things into place to be able to start recording chats…so many of you have such extraordinary stories to share and after 20 years of wittering on gosh, I’m missing it……haven’t rushed because I REALLY want them to be one to one, rather than on Zoom but maybe I just better get started! The wonderful David Hedges nudged me and my glorious son helped me choose (hopefully the first video will be our chat in case it helps someone else).

The lights are little miracles in a modern world! In the rare moments I try and take a selfie I look like a puzzled old bat who hasn’t got a clue….but add lights, use a computer rather than a phone, celebrate the Covid pounds that fill out the wrinkles….have a go at doing the lockdown hair and makeup (feel really guilty not to have been to my lovely hairdresser for a year, worry about her…) and…

Well, it’s a start and the first selfie I haven’t deleted immediately!

I was a bit thrown they’re called “selfie lights” because I want them for lighting video chats and selfies seem vain! Well, the whole adventure is so might as well embrace it!

Do you get the software upgrade collywobbles?! Needed to upgrade some things to start preparing to record. That meant doing a full back up- about time – hadn’t done one for so long I needed to ponder what to pop it onto….had a disastrous purchase of a flash drive – not the cheapest but it arrived suspiciously poorly packaged, took hours to back up a tiny amount and then announced it would “probably be another day before it was complete”! Didn’t feel I could trust it for a restore, so back it went. First time I’ve ever returned anything where you potter to the post office without a label!

Upgrading the software was, of course, fine – and oh my, the things that happen to your photos when you use more up to date browsers!! Deleting duplicates is one of the best! Have spent far too long reliving all sorts of moments! Not to Mention far too long binge watching Bridgeton and Ann with an E. No wonder I’m starting to look like the Michelin Man.

Next step…working out the best way to record things…..don’t hold your breath but hopefully I’ll be chatting to you soon!

3 comments on “A month into retirement and sod the slippers…I’ve got a selfie light!

  1. Doreen Mould ( Mrs) says:

    Enjoying your updates, thank you Judy. Miss your soothing tones each morning.

  2. Mrs Doreen Mould says:

    It has taken over a year(!) to read your reply. Now we are “0pening up” for everyone, and I am so apprehensive, The last update on coved numbers was over 67,000. Next month? I hope my misgivings are not realized. Also ,the tragic news each day from the Ukraine makes me so sad. What is happening to our world? God Bless. Doreen.

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