In about 7 months time I’ll be 70

Been wondering what my goals should be. Just one…to be fierce!

Up til know just been a woss!

What out world!

Oops! Watch out world!!

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7 comments on “In about 7 months time I’ll be 70

  1. Jan Goodall says:

    Hi there Judy. I’ll be 72 (whisper that quietly) in a week’s time. I still cannot admit to myself that I’m that age. I still feel I’m a youngster. You’ll be fine.

  2. Mrs Doreen Mould says:

    Just be yourself. Stick to your beliefs, whatever they may be, love yourself and your family. enjoy life.

  3. Jen Marsh says:

    Don’t recommend fierce, just brings retaliation.
    Much better to be laid back and let the world get on with it, not much you can do to save the world so just let the young ones get on and do it as they think, they know best anyway. What do old people know.

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