8 comments on “Got a plan! You might want to join me…..

  1. Jan Goodall says:

    Hello Judy. Congratulations in advance for your Golden Wedding. Becoming 70 is no big deal. I was 72 last month but in my mind I’m still young.

  2. Julie Raines says:

    You are fabulous so just keep doing what you’re doing x

  3. Jen Marsh says:

    Live each day as it comes and be grateful that it did. Nobody knows what is to come you only have to look at Covid so enjoy the day.

    • Judy Goodlet says:

      ALWAYS grateful but if we’re lucky enough to have a today and tomorrow I’m determined not to waste it!

      • Jen Marsh says:

        No day is a waste, the whole point of retirement is to take the pressure off and not have to do anything unless you actually want to on that day. Hey that works for me but we all have to do our own thing to be happy. Good luck with whatever path you follow.

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