The 60 Cushions Challenge


A year has gone by (on 4th April,2014) so I am no longer taking orders for cushions.

Amazingly, 91 were requested and I’m still finishing off the last few, and a lotto be auctioned or raffled until after this date so there will be updates for a while.

What WAS the 60 Cushions Challenge?

April 2013, I was 60 and felt I needed to do something to mark it, but what?

Inspired by a BBC Radio Solent listener who said doing something for charity doesn’t have to be about running marathons (phew) or giving time when your day is fairly erratic – you can make things!

So I thought I’d have a go at making 60 cushions for 60 charities. I didn’t think anyone would be that interested in applying for a cushion, and hoped to make about £1,000. It seemed a bonkers idea!

I’ve delivered cushions to people who work so hard as volunteers. Some have made astonishing amounts of money, but every penny, no matter how (relatively) little, or how much is precious.

Thank you to all you amazing people who care for others and do so much.

Oh – and I haven’t just made cushions….this is the wedding dress I made for my daughter…

Sam and Tim at night

And this is the detail from the front of the wedding dress I made for my Daughter-in-Law…..

Embroidery detail

15 comments on “The 60 Cushions Challenge

  1. Liliane says:

    Great start can I make one . Won’t be as stylish as yours but can give it a go . X

  2. Katrina Watson says:

    Hi Judy
    What a fantastic idea!
    We would love to receive one of your cushions for our charity Feline Welfare, on the Isle of Wight. We are a small local charity dedicated to the welfare of cats & kittens on the Island.

    The demand for our services is incredible, and has increased dramatically over recent times, due to the economic situation. We are now the only charity on the Island who are financially assisting existing owners with neutering & spaying their cats. In addition to rescuing and re-homing, where possible. The charity founder, Nikki, has over 20 cats that she looks after personally as they have not been chosen for re-homing!
    We would love to have one of your cushions to assist us with our fund raising activities, the demand for which, is becoming greater & greater.
    Many thanks Judy
    Katrina Watson
    Feline Welfare

    • judyg1 says:

      Your cushion is done Katrina. You can see it on the website! I’ve another to do for the Island so I might pop across with them when I catch up with a friend over there.

      Hope you like it!


      • Katnig21 says:

        Hi Judy Wow! It’s wonderful! I can’t believe that you have done it do quickly – but then again, you have to do more than one a week to fit 60 into the next year.

        We are so proud to be the beneficiary of your very first cushion in this series – maybe I can get to meet you when you come over to the Island.

        Thank you so much again – we love it! Kind regards Katrina For Feline Welfare

        Sent from my iPhone

  3. Sue Williams, East Hampshire Disability Forum says:

    Hi Judy, Happy Birthday and a brilliant scheme, come rain or hopefully shine! Please can you add East Hampshire Disability Forum to your list of bidding charities – a registered charity run by disabled for disabled, it helps all ages with daily life (getting ever more challenging amid the cuts) and youngsters with special events and activities.

  4. Jill B.Stevens says:

    Hi Judy, Congratulations on your birthday today, hope you enjoy it, in spite of working hard! I am leader of a ladies’ group & we raise money for a local charity each year. We would like to apply to receive a cushion that we can raffle for charity. Best wishes, Jill Stevens

  5. Ian says:

    Good luck Judy! This is SUCH AN EXCELLENT IDEA. Hope to see you soon. When is your birthday party? 😉

  6. Avril Owton says:

    The Cloud Hotel is holding a charity cream tea on Sunday 14th July and all proceeds are to be shared between the Variety Club Children’s Charity and Jack’s Place at Naomi House Children’s Hospice. We would love to have one of your cushions to raffle on the day. Fabulous idea Judy!

  7. What a marvellous and unusual idea. Look forward to seeing the finished results!

  8. Dianne Pillinger says:

    Hi Judy, what a very caring idea this is. I’m sure you’ll be inundated with requests, the cushions are fabulous. May the needle force be with you. Hope you are settling in to your new Winchester office. Best wishes, Dianne.

  9. Liliane says:

    Hi Jude,
    What a fantastic idea!! Wow!! A very admirable project. I’m looking forward to seeing the cushions as you create them.
    Hope to see you sometime this year.

    With love
    Marjorie x

    • judyg1 says:

      Oh Marj, with your astonishing needle skills I’ll be a little concerned that your beady eye will be on them! Hoping to see you at some point, tho’!


  10. Hi Judy, on behalf of the I.W. Asthma Swim Group, we’d like to thank you so much for the beautiful cushion you brought to Carisbrooke Priory today. Both Liz and I were so impressed with your needlework skills, and of course, we hope to raise lots of cash when we raffle it at the Garlic Festival in August – if I can bear to give it up!! It was lovely meeting you today – you are just as effervescent and friendly as we imagined you to be! Thank you once again.

  11. elaine cooper says:

    I won the cushion which you had gifted to SAMA 82 for their raffle at the Falklands Veterans Dinner on Friday, 14th June. You may be interested to know that the raffle raised more than £100 and your cushion was the first prize. I am delighted with it and shall take it into the Mayor’s Parlour for others to see and know of your Cushion Challenge. Elaine Cooper, Bournemouth Mayoress

    • judyg1 says:

      Oh, Elaine, thank you for getting in touch to say that you won the cushion (I’ve just noticed your other post saying you tried earlier but for some reason this was the first that came through to me properly).

      I am delighted that you are so pleased with your prize, and very pleased you will be encouraging others to apply. I’m about 10 requests from the 60, but might just carry on and see what happens. I was expecting it to take til next April so, as long as I’ve got (or can beg borrow or steal) fabric, I think I’ll keep going!

      I’m stunned at the amounts being raised by them.

      Every best wish,


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