Ok watch….you and I are about to get serious!

Yup, had my Apple Watch for nearly two years. Got it when I was diagnosed with Afib…..it’s great for tracking heart rate and performing an ECG. It was fascinating to see all the folk buying them in the Apple Store were an older demographic than you’d expect.

Do I take any notice of the fitness features? Of course..I always wear it when I know I’m actually going to DO some exercise. Haven’t worn it much in the last few weeks, I’ve got lockdown lethargy and am turning into a blob!

Got to do something. Decided it was time to be nagged. Managed a two mile walk in the rain before 8.00am. There were moments when it was horrible…but came back feeling a bit of va-va-vroom kicking in! Haven’t felt that for a long time.

Have fiddled with its settings so it nags me. A few minutes in and it’s noticed I was useless yesterday (yup, wasn’t wearing it) and suggests I do better today. Hum…..ok, I’ll give it a chance. Maybe til lunchtime….

Feeling smug….probably won’t last!