At last, appliqué hearts for the PICK’s support group

Having got my tacky fabric glue and extra sharp scissors, I thought I’d risk an appliqué heart again! Hooray! Although if I’d used a same colour thread on the heart the fluffy bits of velvet would look neater, I’m quite pleased with it.

I’m starting to run low on buttons so raided ye olde zip box. Sadly the one I found was a little on the short side. It took two of us to persuade the cushion pad to go in!

It’s off to Southbourne Dorset, where Jean Tigg is having a cream tea on July 7th for the PICK’s disease support group. This is fronto-temporal dementia, a cruel disease which has a huge impact on the sufferers and their families. I really hope my cushion helps to raise some much needed funds.


Rescued! An owl for Froglife!

I have to be honest, I found it tricky working out what to make for Froglife! They could have a “proper”, sensible frog, but would you want it on your settee? Or a disrespectful, crazy one, but that didn’t seem right, so an owl it is!

I bought this amazing pattern last year from to make a fabulous blue velvet quilt.

I made the smallest size owl (the largest takes 9 hours to sew out!), on a russet moleskin like fabric. Disaster! The dense stitches made the fabric crunckle up! After sleeping on it I thought I’d try cutting it out and using it as an appliqué. I know, my attempts at that so far had been a disaster! I bought some spray on fabric glue so the beastie wouldn’t move on the velvet, bought some very fine, sharp scissors, used a straight rather than a zigzag stitch and kept my fingers crossed! It worked!