Moving on from the Utility Room!

Since lockdown (March, 2020), I’ve been broadcasting from the utility room! It’s pretty amazing that a few bits of equipment mean it’s as good as any BBC studio (although minus colleagues). I’m blooming’ lucky to have an area where it can be left out – a desk rather than an ironing board to put it on – my Great Granddad would be amazed!

I’ve been the voice of BBC Radio Solent’s early morning traffic bulletins for…oh gosh…about 20 years! For most of that time I’ve worked remotely from Broadcasting House – a guest of the Road Management System for Europe teams, first in Southampton and then in Winchester and been grateful to have been given a nest and make new friends in both locations.

Going to miss them….panic is setting in ….will I start talking to myself A LOT (worried about annoying husband, Peter at 5 o’clock in the morning when I’m used to getting up, too!).