I might be getting a tad overexcited….

Bunting! Do you think a piñata will be going TOO far?

Good Friday is my birthday and with six allowed in the garden from a few days before, plans are afoot for a very special day (better NOT rain!).

I poked out a thirty year old bed valance (have I told you were both hoarders!). The frills made the bunting…the body will make a tablecloth!

The pud’s in the oven! Made this recipe when a gluten intolerant friend was coming around but it’s so fab it’s loved by all! I zest an orange into the cake mix and the cream mixture to make it extra yummy! Bit concerned I seem to have made more cake batter than usual….or maybe picked up the wrong tin. It’s VERY deep…..oh well, soon find out!

If you fancy a go, here’s the recipe:


One old sofa cover (almost completely) repurposed!

Three large bags, two small ones, a hole patched in the remaining sofa (there are two more covers to go though) oh…and some scraps are still waiting for inspiration!

The first bag haul!

I purchased the unicorn design from Urban Threads. A quick search, though, will unearth a myriad of design sites!

The unusual, central, design is the logo for my daughters magical business, Wolf and Wing. I created it in Embrilliance software, one of the available digitising packages that turns your work into stitches for use on an embroidery machine (it is the only one that works on a Mac). The support team at Embrilliance are brilliant, but it’s the only package I’ve used so I can’t compare them.

The design created in Embrilliance

This type of software is quite pricey and only worth investing in if you want to create unique designs, which you could then sell to others. Folk create and sell through their own websites, through the established embroidery websites, or from Etsy. Designs sell from a few pounds up to, quite a lot, depending on their complexity. You’ll find a lot of free ones, too, but I’d only download from one of the obviously well established sites.

Once you’ve selected a design, you just download it for immediate use. The age or type of machine will dictate how you move from your computer to your embroidery machine. Different machines might need a special card or allow easy connection to your computer, or a USB stick.

By the time I created the last big bag I had become obsessed with making sure all lines are straight….unlike the first, wobbly one that I rushed through because I was curious to work how the best way to make one! A ruler and a fabric marker were my best friends for a bit!

Yesterday, I knocked up a pair of pjs for grandson, Tris…I’m on a quest to use up every bit of fabric in the house. I just drew around a pair he had already. After all that precise work and waiting for embroidery patterns to sew out, it was bliss!

Tomorrow, though, is the start of something completely different!

20 year old sofa cover to um, slightly wonky bag!

For almost two years, the covers from our twenty year old suite have been taunting me! Too much fabric to throw away – but what the heck to do with it!

Experiment number one, a tote bag!

Step one, covers:

Step two, select an embroidery design for the front. Had a lazy moment, could have created something, but cheated – Urban Threads designs rock!

Step three, get the scissors (and lining, interlining and stabiliser) out:

Step four, get sewing:

Step five, decide it’s definitely a prototype:

Too long, a bit wonky, probably a 7/10!