A cushion for Childsplay, Romania

Sheila Price and her team, based at Shirley Baptist Church, Southampton, are passionate and hard working in their support for Childsplay Romania who support young people in Romania, in all aspects of their welfare (health, education, etc). They’re going to have a special event later in the year when their cushion will make an appearance.

The last few cushions are on black velvet, there was just enough to take me through to the end of the project! It’s been lurking in the cupboard for years. I had made a pair of posh trousers from it, and had to patch them up when I was bitten by a dog in a pub! It put me off using the rest of it for clothes!

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All done!

Somewhere in this heap is the 92nd and final cushion! Just got to scuttle about delivering them and then hope all the amazing people who work so hard for charity can turn them into loads of pennies!


Calling MG owners at the New Forest Run on Sunday, 1st June

There’s a very special MG cushion at the New Forest Run of the Southampton and New Forest MG Owners club. This year Club members have chosen two local charities to benefit from the Run – Brendoncare and the Society of St James. Brendoncare are based in Winchester and have 10 care centres and about 70 social and friendship clubs. The care centres provide a mixture of residential and nursing care, and the Clubs which are spread across Hampshire and Dorset have around 1,600 members and 400 volunteers. The Society of St James support those who are homeless, they have a drug and alcohol recovery programme, have specialist supported accommodation and give support in the home.


Have a Ball with Wessex Heartbeat!

Wessex Heartbeat is such a precious charity, not only do they run Heartbeat House at the Southampton General Hospital (where families of seriously ill patients receiving cardiac care can stay) but they are continuously fund raising for other reasons. Here’s why the asked for a cushion:

“Put simply Wessex Heartbeat’s driving ambition is to help achieve the very best care for people with heartbeat conditions. Wessex Heartbeat is a well-known local and Wessex-wide charity of 20 years . It exists to support the improvement of cardiac care at the specialist Wessex Cardiac Centre based in Southampton General Hospital. Large and small projects benefit more than 20,000 people every year.
How would you use a cushion?: We are hosting a Mid-Summer Ball in Romsey on 28th June and it would be an auction prize on the evening”

Tickets for the midsummer ball are £55 each and it sounds like a wonderful evening. The cushion will be part of the silent auction.


A cushion for the Mission to Seafarers, Bournemouth

Trevor Clements and his family have a very personal reason for helping the Mission for Seafarers, Bournemouth (like so many of the cushion recipients), and are hoping to swell the coffers with as many pennies as possible.

They are going to sell tickets at several events, the first one is Tuesday June 3rd at 10.30am at a coffee morning at 58 Haven Road, Canford Cliffs.

It would be great if you could pop in and support him. There’s a Labrador puppy cushion waiting for a new home!


Time for a cushion delivery!

We need to pop down to Poole with a cushion for the Mission to Seafarers, Bournemouth and then onto Wool with one for Cancer Research UK, before taking a sneaky peak at the cygnets at Abbotsbury!

More deliveries during the week…..now, which ones to take today?


I know, I’ve gone a little overboard with puppies, but I just love them!

The final cushion has been requested!

Cushion 91!

Requested by the Southampton and New Forest MG Owners Club who gave a New Forest run and fund raising event in June, the funds are split between the Society of St James, who care for the homeless and those suffering from alcohol and drug dependency (I’m so pleased to be supporting them, there are too many folk struggling like this) and Brendoncare (they looked after my Dad for the last two weeks of his life last year and of course they’ve had a cushion already, but I owe them so much, they were truly fabulous in his care).

The last few cushions requested are for the Stubbinton Ark (animal rescue), Many Tears, who rescue dogs (they’re based in Wales but find homes throughout the country), Wessex Heartbeat,
Cancer a Research Uk, Childsplay Romania, All Saints Gurnard and Bournemouth Mission for Seafarers.

I’m off to do some sewing!


Last chance for a cushion!

My “60 Cushion Challenge” year ends on Friday, 4th April. I’ve made 80 cushions, have requests for three more. Of the 80 cushions delivered, I know of 58 auctioned and raffled. They’ve added approximately £6,480.50p, to the coffers of local charities, which is an average of £111. My spreadsheet tells me those delivered and requested have a potential to make £9,256!

I am in awe of those of you who work tirelessly for the charities that you support, and one of my joys this last year has been meeting so many of you.

To try and make sure the amount tops £10,000, I’ll take orders for cushions until midnight on Monday, 7th April. Fingers crossed they won’t all be needed for the same date! If you ask for one, all I ask us you make as much as you possibly can!

Amazingly, cushions have been auctioned for between £45 and £500! Raffles vary from £10 to over £400!

Fingers crossed! Go apply for one for your charity in Dorset, Hampshire or the Isle of Wight.