My next adventure…

Feel very privileged to be giving a keynote speech on how IT has changed our lives over the pandemic, and how it’s now woven into our lives, and it’s affect on us personally.

Weaving so many thoughts into the speech, but you know what, I’d love to hear from YOU about how technology is impacting your life, for better or worse, now.

Please get in touch… or the contact me link above.

Voices from the Pandemic

Judy Goodlet
Judy – before the hair hacking!!!

I’m concerned that amongst all the chatter over the last 18 months or so, there are so may people we haven’t heard from, and how everyday life has been affected by illness, loss, curbs, lockdowns, tiers, working from home, being an essential worker and keeping going….and I’ve never felt we were really all is it together because our ages and circumstances have made an enormous difference to our lives.

Far more interesting voices than mine are lined up ….but I thought I should start with me, so here I am, having a witter! It’s taken me a while to find the courage to post it because I never feel I’m that interesting!

If you live in the Winchester/Otterbourne area of Hampshire and would like to contribute your story, please get in touch (this is not about how the pandemic has been dealt with by politicians….and a ranting platform…but the impact it has had on your life).