How much have the cushions made?

This is the bit I find particularly exciting! My thanks to EVERYONE who has taken a cushion and who has made a bid for one.

Money raised (as cushions on their own are averaging now £130, I’m now claiming between £80 and £120 in larger raffles).

54 cushions gone and approx £6098.50 made!

£80.00 for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.

£103 was made in the raffle for the South Atlantic Convoy Association.

£67 was added to the Hedge End Music Makers coffers after the raffle at their concert in Chandlers Ford.

£45.50 was made by the New Milton Ladies to support their charities.

£158 was the amount raised in a raffle for Hearing Dogs.

£120 for Lymington Sailability (part of a raffle raising £120).

£66 was raised by my cushion by June for Parkinson’s UK.

£120 was raised by Otterbourne WI in their special Coronation Tombola for St Matthews Church at the Jalopy parade and fete.

£310 was raised for PICK (a particularly cruel type of early onset Alzheimers) by Jean in Bournemouth.

£85 at the Fawley Village church fete (in a silent auction )

£261 (I had to read that several times!) raised by the cushion lurking in reception at The Clouds Hotel, Brockenhurst and their Cream Tea for Jack’s Place at Naomis House & The Variety Club of Great Britain.

£125 for Feline Rescue on the Isle of Wight.

£110 for the Royal Air Force Association, Highcliffe Branch.

£85.00 for Mount Noddy, the RSPCA in Chichester.

£118 for the RNLI Highcliffe Branch.

£513 pounds for the Swanage Lifeboat. It feels a little cheeky to claim a third of £1,554 but there were only three prizes!

£100 for Cat and Rabbit Rescue, Portsmouth and Chichester.

£39 in a raffle for Parkinson’s as part of a summers afternoon fundraiser.

£110 for Abbeyfield at Twyford, where my Dad lived for his last few years.

£10 (!) for Froglife, Peterborough.

£500 for Carisbrooke Priory. In an auction the generosity and support of one person is truly amazing!

£77 for SCRATCH in Southampton.

£45 for Sway Village Hall

£150 for Rowan’s Hospice, Waterlooville

£50 for the Minstead Training Trust

£120 for MacMillan Nurses (the cushion was part of a large raffle that raised £1,000)

£120 for Wymering Manor, Portsmouth (also part of a larger raffle that made £1,000)

£70 for Lewis-Manning Hospice, Poole

£120 for MacMillan in Christchurch (as part of a huge raffle that raised £1,400)

£80 for Hamble lifeboat (as part of a small raffle that raised £383)

£130 in a raffle for the Lockwood Communinty Indoor Pétanque Club

£100 in the Raffle at the Pheonix Concert Choir for the Isle of Wight Prostrate Cancer & Urology Support Group

£50 for Rosé Road

£69 for Children in Need. Two cushions, one raffled, one auctioned.

£80 for Boscombe’s Fibromyalgia Support Group as part of a larger raffle

£50 for Different Strokes, Southampton

£100 in an auction for Smile4Wessex, supporting the Wessex Neurological Unit.

£140 in an auction for the Red Cross.

£80 for Emsworth Museum.

£60 for Cystic Fibrosis.

£45 for St Peters Church, Bournemouth.

£120 for Countess Mountbatten Hospice.

£404 for Highcliffe Dementia Support.

£96 for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

£95 for the Southampton Seafarers Centre

£50 for the Isle of Wight Asthma Swimming Group

£47 for Parkinson’s, Isle of Wight

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