Otterbourne Festival of Light

CANCELLED….I’m truly sorry, this is now a private event for Allbrook and Otterbourne Beaver Scouts.

With great regret,


An early evening celebration of light to bring a festive air to the gloom of Winter, with homes and gardens lit and a lantern parade to the top of Otterbourne Hill!

Process from your home from about 6.00pm

Arrive at the top of Otterbourne Hill (opposite The Otter) at about 6.30pm

Be prepared for a sing a long! It’s worth practicing “Let it Go” and “This Little Light of mine” before you come! Of course there’ll be more on the playlist!

Hopefully there’ll be some fiery entertainment (fingers crossed, I’ll confirm as soon as possible)

Ending at approximately 7.15pm

Why? Because it looks like being a tricky winter and it would be wonderful to bring some joy into dark times. The first week of February sees the Christian celebration of Candlemass and the Pagan celebration, Imbolic (which marks the time between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox). It’s also a quiet, gloomy time of the year…a perfect moment to light up our World!

How? We’re hoping as many folk will join in, however they can. We don’t want you to run up an electricity bill…but perhaps you could hang jars or tins with holes with tea lights (candles or battery) in gardens (in windows if you take care it’s not a fire risk). Lighting up gardens and homes from 6.00pm

For those that can join us, we’ll walk to the top of Otterbourne Hill with lanterns (which could be anything from home made paper lanterns to a twig wrapped with battery driven fairy lights!). Perhaps a headdress entwined with lights, even glowing costumes left over from Halloween! Arriving at the top of the Hill by 6.30pm

If you’re joining the parade, it’s hoped you’ll have your lanterns lit as you leave home so people who aren’t coming out can see their beauty and feel involved.

It’s not a competition….no prizes, no need to feel you have to create a work of art! We have provided some links to inspire you and help you join in on the evening.

Safety is important so sadly no fiery torches or lit candles can be used on the walk. Whilst we’d love to suggest dogs are welcome, they could become discombobulated by young voices and light so sadly must ask they’re left at home.

There’s no plan “B”! If it’s raining, snowing, or a gale, you’ll find me holding a soggy lantern as planned! If we truly have to cancel I will get in touch.

If you are hoping to join us please email me with numbers…it would be great to have an idea of how many are coming and also I can get in touch if there are any changes.