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9 comments on “Send an email to Judy

  1. Paul Whittle says:

    Hello Judy, thank you for your wonderful contribution locally and through this project. We are proud winners of a cushion at The Rowans this month (“All things grow with love”) where my wife is currently residing. We are grateful in so many ways. Best wishes. Paul (and Deborah)

  2. patmckean1 says:

    Hello Judy,

    I have been raffling one of your cushions for the Highcliffe Dementia Support Group since October 9th and have so far raised £302. Everyone who has seen it has fallen in love with it! I still have one more group to see so I hope the total will increase a little. The Dementia Support Group is very appreciative of your efforts in making all these cushions for charities such as ours and thank you very much indeed. Pat McKean.

    • judyg1 says:

      Pat, that’s amazing! I had no idea that you would be visiting lots of groups. Your hard work will mean an amazing contribution to Highcliffe Dementia Support, and it’s wonderful for me to hear as it means the “Cushion Totaliser” is now over £5,000! I look forward to hearing about the final amount. Thank you for getting in touch. Judy.

  3. patmckean says:

    Hello Judy,
    I have been taking your cushion to the various groups to which I belong, so they are not events – which may give the wrong impression! And there may only have been a handful of people there but they have been so supporting. The draw is due to take place at our Support Group Christmas Party in December. I will of course let you know the final total after that.
    Many thanks again, Pat.

    • judyg1 says:

      Oh Pat, I now have a vision of you trotting about with te cushion constantly with you! Your friends are wonderful for being so very supportive, it’s an astonishing amount of money! Xx

  4. patmckean1 says:

    Yes Judy, you have the picture, my friends recognise the bag containing the cushion! But they all realise the work that we do for those affected by dementia in the family – as I know only too well as my husband had suffered from Alzheimer’s for over five years. Again many thanks. Pat

  5. Pat McKean says:

    Hello Judy. As promised, the draw for our cushion has now taken place and our final total was £404! It was won by a friend of our professional living in Barton. Again Judy very many thanks for the cushion. Pat McKean, Highcliffe Dementia Support Group.

  6. David Osland says:

    Happy Birthday Judy – there is always a smile in your voice. May you have
    Many Happy Birthday’s to come x

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