I might be getting a tad overexcited….

Bunting! Do you think a piñata will be going TOO far?

Good Friday is my birthday and with six allowed in the garden from a few days before, plans are afoot for a very special day (better NOT rain!).

I poked out a thirty year old bed valance (have I told you were both hoarders!). The frills made the bunting…the body will make a tablecloth!

The pud’s in the oven! Made this recipe when a gluten intolerant friend was coming around but it’s so fab it’s loved by all! I zest an orange into the cake mix and the cream mixture to make it extra yummy! Bit concerned I seem to have made more cake batter than usual….or maybe picked up the wrong tin. It’s VERY deep…..oh well, soon find out!

If you fancy a go, here’s the recipe: