Cushion number 3!

Derek the upholster gave me some fabulously modern fabric – glorious red velvet flowers on cream. I could just cut a square and run it up, but that would be cheating! I’ve lots of beads from when my daughter Sam, was into jewellery making, bits of old necklaces and strange things from goodness knows where! You can always pick up beaded bits and bobs from charity shops, much cheaper than buying new and just as good!

Cushion 3 is for Macmillan in Christchurch, Dorset.

Just got to work out what’s going where…at least I can do it while watching The Great British Sewing Bee!


I’m quite glad this went wonky!

I thought a stuffed appliqué heart would look good, but I hated the variegated thread – I forgot it comes out in blocks in satin stitch that aren’t as attractive as the random effect you get with running stitches, I didn’t cut close enough to the holding stitch and the pale creamy gold is dull… made me ponder something else……


A cushion for Mosaic

I hadn’t realised that I would know the charities I would be making cushions for, which means, when I can, I’ll try and make something related to the amazing work they do. Mosaic, in Dorset, support bereaved children and their families. Incredibly important and special work.

I’m going to make a cushion with appliqued hearts and the words “always in our hearts” embroidered through them. I’m hoping it’s not too shmaltzy!

Derek the upholster gave me some very beautiful silk like stripey fabric – I’m off to give it a go!

Progress Reports

We’re off! The first cushion is for Feline Welfare on the Isle of Wight. I thought I’d use this beautiful embroidered fabric Derek gave me, but I want something to do with cats in the middle so I’ve cut it with the pattern at the edges.


Unless your making something fairly funky, pattern placement is really important. I’ve found a lovely embroidery pattern with the outline of three cats faces which I’m going to use my whizzy embroidery machine to create. There are lots of embroidery machines on the market

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