Two Old Bats That Chat!

Avril (Owton) and I have been chatting and recording the wittering! Have a listen as we post the podcasts and comment to join in the chat!

Date of Birth included for us so we can prove we’re old bats – no need for you to do the same unless you really want to!

Avril Owton, DOB 01/04/1942
Judy Goodlet, DOB 04/04/1953

Two Old Bats Chat about….Lockdown

6 comments on “Two Old Bats That Chat!

  1. Ju Lian says:

    I enjoyed listening to your chat ladies, thank you.

  2. Ruth says:

    I really enjoyed your chat…..made me feel that I’m not alone in these strange times.
    Looking forward to your next chat

  3. Philip says:

    Just stumbled upon this ! Lovely to hear you ladies chat and to hear your voice again Judy. Miss so much hearing you on the traffic news!

    ‘Philip on the A31’….., ( no more!!)

  4. Mrs Doreen Mould says:

    Only just found this conversation, lovely to hear your voice again Judy. Traffic news is not the same without you. Enjoyed listening.

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