Tar-ra! The first cushion is complete!

Phew! The first one is done! Buttons on the back (a selfish reason for doing this is to use up all those bits and bobs that lurk in sewing cupboards)!

If you use buttons, don’t do them all up when you sew the back to the front or you’ll have trouble turning it the right way out!

This cushion is for Feline Welfare on the Isle of Wight http://www.felinewelfareiow.co.uk/. Who are incredibly busy looking after cats and kittens whilst trying to rehome them.

Here is cushion number one!


7 comments on “Tar-ra! The first cushion is complete!

  1. Iris Cooke says:

    I heard about this cushion this morning, I have to say it is really lovely, I can’t wait to see the rest!
    Well done.

  2. Wow Judy! We are really happy to be the first to receive one of your beautiful creations – let’s hope that it raised lots of money to help the feline population of the Isle of Wight!
    Thank you so much

  3. Elaine Kneller says:

    I also heard you speaking on the radio… I love this one… wow. I also cannot wait to see your other lovely cushions.

  4. Stella Carlow says:

    What a great idea to “give something back”. I’m looking forward to the others too!

  5. Have just seen your finished cushion 1 for Feline Welfare. It is beautiful Judy – what a talented lady you are! Looking forward to seeing each cushion as it is finished.

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